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The All Seasons Home Improvements Story

The All Seasons Home Improvements Story

Hi there,

My name is Phillip Terranova and I am the very proud owner of “All Seasons Home Improvements”, Far North Queensland’s #1 trusted and preferred Renovation Specialists. I’d like to take a little of your time to explain me, my company and how for over 25 years since I bought All Seasons Home Improvements, I have assisted home owners and renovators just like you embark on the often daunting journey of updating their property with a stunning and modern transformation.

My whole adult working life has been spent in the renovation industry and there wouldn’t be any scenario I haven’t come across and used my unique skills and experience to deliver the ultimate vision my many happy customers have demanded. –

But, I must warn you; I’m not your average construction industry builder or tradesman.

I know what you’re thinking… “he might say he’s an expert renovator, but they’re all the same. Unreliable, hard to contact, only turns up when he feels like it, and finds every reason to charge more than was originally quoted.”

Hey, I wouldn’t blame you!

We’ve all experienced it, even me… and you know what? It ticks me off as much as it does you trying to understand how some tradies and businesses survive. It’s like… who knows what they think, it’s not good enough.

Having been on both sides of the fence is what has given me the determination to deliver the highest standard of professionalism and service in the building and renovation industry for our customers.

It’s been a hard slog at times… I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have been let down by tradies and even suppliers who just didn’t give a damn.

But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You see, performing a renovation or extension in someone’s home is a different kettle of fish than any ordinary construction job site. We’re working in someone’s castle… often while they still go about their day-to-day lives around us.

Whether it be a kitchen, a bathroom, extension or full renovation requires a team of trades and suppliers who show exceptional respect and courtesy that I’d expect if it was my own home.

I’m happy to say, that’s the team I’ve put together and been fortunate to keep together for many years at All Seasons Home Improvements. Experienced, ethical and loyal trades and suppliers who share my vision and continually impress our many happy customers.

From Port Douglas in the north, to Tully down south and out to Mareeba, in the 25 years of my ownership All Seasons Home Improvements have completed over 5167 renovations, extensions and cyclone repairs and rebuilds.

We have also been recognized by our peers and received Master Builders and HIA Housing and Construction Awards in 2004, 2005 & 2007 along with pre-qualification for Queensland Government building projects.

As a specialist renovation company we have the experience and knowledge that gives our customers the peace of mind and certainty that their property transformation is in the hands of people who deliver at a consistently high standard of expectation… and more importantly will be around for many years to come.

Of course there are other reputable renovation companies in the marketplace. And certainly they provide quality workmanship and materials.

But, you really don’t know how good they are until AFTER they have renovated your property.

Am I right? Or… am I right?

What you need… What you want, is an expert who can give you all the facts up front. Someone who makes sure you understand the options, the processes, the potential pitfalls.

And that is why I decided to commission what I believe is a very special guide,

“The North Queensland Renovators Guide to Planning and Designing your Modern and Stunning Home Transformation with Complete Confidence and Certainty”.

Drawing on my many years of experience and dedication… and commitment to ensuring my customers receive the standard of service and professionalism that I, myself expect, I know this guide and its information will assist you greatly.

You’re going to discover

“The 5 Big Costly Home Renovating Mistakes And How You Can Easily Avoid Them”.

I promise you, when you decide to begin your renovation project, you will have the peace of mind that being properly informed delivers to you.

You’ll know what to expect…. How to prepare…. Questions to ask…. And of course how to choose the right company that ensures your renovation will be completed by industry professionals – satisfaction, service and quality…GUARANTEED.

There’s a lot to cover in this guide. I urge you to request your own FREE copy in the form to the right or below and when it arrives, make yourself comfortable with your favourite beverage, turn off all distractions and take the time to read through the enclosed materials. You’ll be pleased you did.

And when the time comes or you to take the next step to planning and designing your modern and stunning home transformation with complete confidence and certainty,
you’ll know how to get the ball rolling.

Talk soon,

Phillip Terranova


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