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Our Process

With All Seasons Home Improvements, planning your Modern and Stunning Home Transformation is as simple as following these 7 easy steps

Home extensions and renovations are the best way to update your home, giving it a fresh new look. These restorations can be minor like adding new flooring and a coat of paint; or they can be major, like adding a new room onto your house. No matter how vast your needs are, All Seasons Home Improvements can give you the results you are looking for. With nearly five decades of experience in the industry, we have worked on just about every kind of project imaginable. We bring that expertise to your job so that you get professional service and stunning results. Get clever home makeover ideas and plans from All Seasons Home Improvement at affordable prices.

Our Step by Step Process

Our Step by Step Process

Your initial contact with ‘All Seasons Home Improvements’ will be handled personally by our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Support Representative. They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

You will also be asked a couple of simple questions about your goals and expectations, so we can determine if we can provide the solution you are looking to achieve.

You will then be invited to schedule a Home Renovation Assessment with one of our expert home renovation consultants.

Generally we are able to schedule this appointment within 3 days of when you call. However, if you have a specific day and time in mind, simply let us know.

Once your appointment is made, you will be emailed a confirmation detailing time and location, along with the name and contact details of your home improvement consultant.

Your home renovation assessment will be comprehensive and guided by your vision. The purpose is to offer to you straightforward, yet professional advice to help you plan your home transformation.

Whether you already have plans drawn or you would like to use our expertise in planning and designing, we will deliver what you are trying to achieve.

This is your chance to lay out any photos, pictures from magazines, recommendations from friends, and especially your ideas and requirements.

We will also provide you with a vast array of images and photos of projects we have completed for other clients.

From here, we can discuss the pros and cons, options and layouts, whilst identifying any potential challenges or opportunities.

We will provide you with a wide range of fixtures and fittings from leading manufacturers.

Alternatively, if you choose to source your own fixtures, fittings and tiles, we will provide you with guidance. This will help you select quality and reliable products for your new project.

Sometimes we are asked to design and quote different options. This is not a problem… our primary objective is to help you create your dream.

Armed with all the great ideas and concepts discussed during your Home Renovation Assessment, your consultant will quickly get to work.

Our first job is to draw up your floor plans to scale.

From here we review your chosen fixtures, sizes and shapes to ensure a proportionate layout and fit is achieved.

If in the unlikely event we discover any unforeseen changes to your specifications, we’ll notify you. We’ll offer you advice and options whilst keeping to your ultimate vision.

Once your final plans have been drawn up, we go through a number of checks. We will determine if Council Approval is required, whilst ensuring all proposed plumbing and electrical alterations are compliant with the relevant standards.

We then individually source and price each physical component, fixture, fitting, tiles and of course labour.

Once we have collated all the relevant costs we will provide you with a fixed price quote.

Your comprehensive quote and proposal will include floor plans. It will also detail all chosen components, as well as any exclusions you may have chosen to source directly.

Within 7 days of your Home Renovation Assessment, we will make another appointment to present you with our proposal and to answer any questions you may have.

Our aim is to ensure you have all the information and facts upfront, giving you confidence and certainty to make an informed decision.

You’ve decided ‘All Seasons Home Improvements’ is the obvious choice to help you create your modern and stunning home transformation and you’re ready to go ahead. Great choice. Now it’s time to get the formalities out of the way.

We will organise for a time to meet with you to go over your paperwork and make sure you are happy with your chosen design, colours and components.

Rest assured you won’t need a lawyer to decipher our clear, concise and easy to understand contract. The contract outlines your order and inclusions, along with our standard terms and conditions.

As with any standard construction contract, your total price will be broken down into 4 progress payments. Your deposit of 10% of contract price is all that’s required now to get the ball rolling.

If you have chosen to source any fixtures, fittings or tiles yourself, we will give to you a checklist to ensure that you schedule your purchases and deliveries to coincide with the construction timeline for your renovation works.

Once your contract has been signed and accepted, your project is schedules to ensure trades are on site at the right time.

We then immediately place orders for all required materials, components, fixtures, fittings and tiles.

5 days prior to your confirmed start date, you will receive a personal call from your Project Manager who will be overseeing your renovation from start to finish.

He will make an appointment to visit you to introduce himself and perform various final checks to ensure the renovation can proceed as planned.

He will discuss with you access, bin placement, security measures and any concerns or questions you might have.

He will also present to you our Renovation and Construction Guideline outlining the schedule of tasks, what dates they will be expected to happen and the relevant tradesperson and contact numbers, so you will know exactly who will be working on your renovation and when.

This guideline will also include the dates for scheduled progress payments and required amounts.

All that’s left now is anticipation of the arrival of the renovation crew.

Here we go!

Day 1 will be the day it all starts happening. Your project manager will be onsite to finalise access requirements, bin placements and oversee the demolition crew who will be removing  fixtures, fittings, walls and flooring from any areas to be renovated.

Rest assured, if testing of your wall linings showed the presence of asbestos… our demolition experts are fully accredited and will ensure removal is performed as required… to protect yours and your family’s, as well as his safety at all times.

Over the coming days and weeks your home will be transformed.

There’ll be electricians, carpenters, plumbers, plasterers, water proofers, tilers, cabinetmakers, glaziers and painters amongst others.

Each trade will be friendly, courteous and attentive to your needs.

At the end of each day they will refer to their checklist to ensure all tasks have been completed and checked to meet our expected high standard. They will leave your house clean, safe and secure… just as you would expect.

Typically, your renovation will take between 1 and 16 weeks from start to completion depending on the scope of works.

If at any time during your renovation unforeseen delays occur, you will be immediately notified. Of course, if a delay is a result of any fault of our own… you are fully covered by our $50 Per Day On Time Completion Guarantee.

Your Project Manager will make regular checks on your renovation to ensure quality control is being met and that your job is proceeding smoothly.

It’s here, the day you’ve been anxiously waiting for.

The tradesmen are gone, the smell of fresh paint is in the air… all that’s left is the final quality check and the final clean.

Rest assured, by the time we’re finished and you’re ready to christen your new home… you won’t even know we’d been.

All works and fixtures and fittings will be thoroughly checked over and cleaned to ensure your reaction is one of delight.

Your home renovation consultant will have made an appointment to meet with you to perform a final handover ensuring your complete satisfaction. And to thank you for your trust, and patience during construction so that your renovation gives you years of functionality and pleasure.

Thank you and congratulations for becoming a member of the ‘All Seasons Home Improvements’ family of successful renovators.

Guide to planning and designing your home transformation

Request your free copy of our 34 page guide for North Queensland renovators by filling out the following form. We will then email you a link to download the guide.

The guide also contains the 5 most common costly home renovating mistakes and how you can easily avoid them.

There’s a lot to cover in this guide. Make yourself comfortable with your favourite beverage, turn off all distractions and take the time to read through the enclosed materials.

You’ll be pleased you did.


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